Two specific examples come to mind. After living in Tabor for almost a year, we moved into a new house in Glenwood, Iowa. My dad had to install a lock on our bedroom door after finding us one morning, at 5am, playing mumbly-peg in the kitchen. The counters were just the right height, the knives were handy, and the pattern of the linoleum was perfect.

The other thing I recall is my Mom's friend coming over to visit one day and my Mom was DRINKING A BEER....hehe. It was ALMOST lunch time and Josh and I were in the bathroom, dismantling the toilet. It was a fun day...and Mom never even yelled at us. She did go back to work soon after that. Wonder if there was a connection?

Vacations were fun. We learned early on that a couple of "HE'S TOUCHING ME!!" screams and a kick or three to the back of Dad's seat would get one of us the privilege of riding shotgun. And sometimes even a suggestion from Mom that we stop and eat - take a break, so to speak.