Hi. Welcome ... I'm glad you decided to stick around. For those of you who don't know me from Adam, you might want to go on to my last page, Transitions. If you WANT to read my life story, then by all means, read on.

I guess my Mom explained that she is writing this for me, but from MY perspective. I'd like to add that she may not get it all down exactly like it happened, or exactly like I felt, but she IS trying her hardest. It's sort of like when she helped me write a paper for school. She always knew how to tell me what to write, but it WAS MY OWN WORK. Really, it was!

So, to get on with things, Josh and I tried to show Mom and Dad and our brother, Jeremy, what they could expect from us by the way we arrived. I guess to put it simply, we were fighting. Both determined to "be first"; neither of us would allow the other one to get "into the doorway". Thank God for C-sections! If we had been crammed in there together any longer, well, our ears were already a little funny. We often heard references to "Spock" in those early weeks ....

Since I was big enough, I went home first, home being Tabor, Iowa. Josh remained in the hospital where the nurses spoiled him terribly. And let me add that he never got over it! When my brother Jeremy first saw me, he sort of pushed at me with his foot .... I guess it was close to a kick. However, after living with Josh for 9 months, I found nothing wrong with such behavior.

Josh came home around Christmas, and the world took on a whole new look. Suddenly I had to share everything - my Mom, my Dad, my bottle, my pacifier. It was not a good thing. We both learned how to bite before we had teeth, and we used that skill throughout our time together. We grew a little bit each day, and soon we were walking and talking and raising hell ...sorry, but that's the only way I can describe it. We had two minds working at once and if I couldn't think of something fun to do, I could always count on Josh.

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