From day one, I pretty much believed that Jason still existed SOMEWHERE. On the day that he passed, his oldest brother had been watching the fan by his bed go on and off all morning up until the time we called him to say that Jason had died. On the day of the services, an angel pin disappeared from a friends dress as did a balloon that was tied to another friends hand. Lights went off and on regularly, doors slammed, and candles blew out. I could feel him often. Nothing I can explain to anyone, just that I knew when Jason was close. Signs of Jason's presence continue to this day. They are no less frequent now then at the beginning, but seem to become more sophisicated as time passes. It appears that there is learning taking place on the other side as well as here. These "signs" are called ADC's (after death communications) and can be further explored at the AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION WEBSITE.

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about life after death. George Anderson's story, written by Patricia Romanowski and Joel Martin and titled "Our Children Forever," was my Bible. Here was a man who claimed to be able to contact those who had passed and transmit messages to loved ones still in the here and now. I read it over and over. I found the Afterlife Knowledge Website where the afterlife is discussed exclusively and found a "tutorial" on talking with our departed loved ones. Following the directions given, I talked to Jason about George. I would close my eyes and think of Jason...and when I could see him clearly I would "imagine" a conversation. I told him about George and I told him to find him. (It certainly would be easier for him to find him then for me. George was one very BUSY medium.) It became my nightly ritual.

As time passed, I read about other mediums, and Dave and I had our first reading in about November of that first year. It was interesting. I cannot say that we were 100% sure of a contact, but there was enough information given to make the $35 well spent. The medium was not sure of the connection herself...but shortly after called me to say that a "young man appeared at our circle tonight, unbeknownst to me, and was seen by a woman sitting across from me. She said he had something wrong with his eyes... Could this have been Jason, since I have been asking him for validation?" Since we had donated Jason's corneas, this may have been his way of trying to "prove" who he was.

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