You have come here, to this page, for a reason. Perhaps you are grasping at straws in a futile attempt to avoid the pain of a loss. Perhaps you are searching for answers, for the meaning of life, for the "BIG PICTURE". Is there more after this? Is it possible that we continue to exist after our last breath here? And if so, then what happens? Do we go to some big house in the sky where angels play harps all day long? Are we judged? Are we left to judge ourselves? DOES ANYONE KNOW????!!!!!!

I don't. But I do have some very solid beliefs about what happens when we die. Not answers...not yours anyway. Just my own personal ideas and views which have become my answers for the present moment. But let me back up a my search for these answers...MY search for MY answers.......and where I was when the world crashed down around me.

When Jason died, I realized that I had been "caught unawares" in a tragedy that required faith to survive. I was about 99% empty in the faith department. Yes, I believed in a possibility of a higher power, and yes, I had been raised in a "Christian" home where Sunday school was required. But as soon as my life became busy with adult like things, my church going stopped and so did my thoughts on the subject of religion. I did not then, nor do I now, believe that going to church on Sunday morning was a ticket to an eternal life in a place called heaven.

Moving along.....Jason's death put the fear of something in me. I needed to know WHERE he was, IF he was, WHAT he was doing, and WHEN I would see him again if ever. Were we still "connected"? Was I still his mom? Could he hear me when I talked to him? WAS HE OKAY?

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