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LOVE NEVER DIES is far more than a beacon lighting the dark void that surrounds death. Sandy's experiences, her journey through the unspeakable grief of losing her young son, the messages she received from Jason through John Edward and other mediums, and the communication that she eventually developed with Jason herself (read some of Jason's comments at the end of each chapter) offer a remarkable testament to a truth that, hopefully, all bereaved people will come to recognize.

If you are grieving the loss of someone you love, read our extract from Sandy's book. in this issue. Though nothing can remove the pain of your loss, Sandy Goodman's beautiful book may give you the comfort of knowing that your loved one still lives, the relationship you shared is intact, and LOVE NEVER DIES.
              Managing Editor: Sandie Sedgbeer

Ms. Sedgbeer is a British journalist, editor, and author who's work has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad. She has extensive experience in the British magazine publishing, advertising and direct marketing industries. In addition to conceiving, designing, creating and launching a number of new magazine titles and special edition supplements for a variety of publishing houses, Sandie acts as an editorial/marketing/publishing consultant to several of the largest and most successful Direct Marketing companies in Europe.
The author of 6 books published by major international publishing houses, Sandie has appeared frequently on television in Great Britain, and has been interviewed on all the best known radio stations throughout the UK, including the BBC World Service. Her books have been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Sandie is a qualified hypnotherapist and certified NLP practitioner.

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