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If you're a regular reader of this column, you know that I've pretty much given up believing I'm in charge of how our content comes together each month. According to Steve Rother, proprietor of our sister site,, the Universe is always sending us cosmic winks to show us that there are no accidents. This month is no exception.

Back in October, I was handed a proof copy of a book called LOVE NEVER DIES: A Mother's Journey From Loss to Love by Sandy Goodman. I found Sandy's book so profoundly moving, I knew we had to include it in our exclusive extracts section. What I did not know at the time, however, was the role that synchronicity would - yet again! - play in its scheduling.

In the final week of last month, I lost my brother in law, Ron lost his mother, and Carolina, our astrologer, lost her father. A lot of astrologers and channels had predicted that more people than usual would choose to leave the planet this February and, aside from our losses, I've heard of many, many others who chose to cross over at that time.

Death is never easy. Even for those of us who believe that death merely marks the shedding of our 'mortal clothing', it's hard to deal with the reality of losing someone we love. The words just don't exist to express or describe the pain of never seeing their face, hearing their voice, or holding them in our arms again. It's nigh on impossible to come to terms with losing someone who has been part of our life for so long, such as my sister's husband Ronnie, or Sandy Goodman's teenage son, Jason. The truth is, regardless of how much comfort we may find in our own personal beliefs, there will always be a hole in our lives where our loved ones used to be.

For Sandy Goodman, the only thing that would fill that space was understanding. Four years after Jason's death, Sandy realized she had found a way to survive the unthinkable. She bravely sat down and began writing the story of her journey through grief, hoping to reach others who needed a light in the darkness. To say that Sandy's is an extraordinary story is an understatement. Now here we are, several years later, and already, within just a few days of publication, I can personally testify that Sandy Goodman has done us all a favor.

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