What's happening with the book right now?
    Right now is fall of 2009. If your local store doesn't have the book, PLEASE ask them to order it from Compassion Books. It is also available at Amazon. I feeling very positive about this book making it into the hands that need to hold it.

When was the book released?
    Spring, 2002.

The publisher is?
    Jodere Group, Inc.

Why did you write the book? What motivated you?
    I realized there are mothers out there who think their child is dead . . . dead as in gone, non-existent, no longer in their life. It horrified me. I had been feeling a need to DO SOMETHING for a while and couldn't put my finger on what that something was. When it finally came to me, it was very clear. I began writing that week.

What is the book about and how is it different from other books in the same genre?
    My eighteen year old son died in 1996 in an electrical accident. Love Never Dies is the story of my journey from the pit of grief to where I am today. When Jason died, I had to know that he still existed and was still a part of my life. There were thousands of books about grief and loss and closure and "getting on with your life," but I wanted something else. I needed to change my perception of death and remain connected to my son. Love Never Dies answers that need.

Isn't that a dangerous concept? Aren't we supposed to "heal" and focus on the living?
    Definitely. But as human beings, we are quite capable of loving many individuals at the same time. I have a son in New Mexico and a son here at home. Calling Jeremy in NM does not take away from my relationship with Joshua here in Wyoming. Why should the fact that Jason is in another place or form be any different?

But what about say...widows. They may want to re-marry. How can they do that, without guilt, if they believe their late husbands are still "connected" to them?

Do you think Jason gave you his words for the book? Talked to you in a sense?

You mention gifts from grief. What is the greatest gift you received?

How can we be notified of the book's progress, how to buy, speaking events, etc?

Anything else you'd like to add?

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