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"Love Never Dies"
by Sandy Goodman

At 2:45 am, a phone call awakened Sandy Goodman. Her 18-year-old twin son, Jason, was taken to the emergency room. Probably another scrape, she thought. She arrived at the hospital to find that her son was electrocuted, that her son suddenly, inconceivably, died.

That night began a journey for Goodman, one that would lead her into new realizations about death, grief, and the relationships that continue between those who have passed away and the living, defying the conventional boundaries between life and death. With simple language, moving candor, and profound insight, Goodman chronicles her passage from heartbreak to joy in her book, "Love Never Dies."

Goodman lunges into the murky, dark world of unthinkable loss and sheds new light on the fear and pain that accompanies the death of any loved one and especially a child. She discusses how the grieving process is an individual experience and does not nor should not follow any prescribed or "standard" notions or stages of grief. She describes how her seemingly irrational, yet relentless desire to maintain communication with her dead son enriched her life and led her to one unwavering conclusion: That death is not an ending. It is another stage of life.

All this comes from a woman who at one time was "lacking in the spiritual department," she admits. Living in Wyoming for the past 15 years, married for 28 years, mother of three, Goodman led an average life and had what she describes as loving, but generally "unremarkable" relationship with Jason.

His death and her determination to keep him alive in her life led her into meditating as a spiritual practice, reaching out to others via groups and the internet, and interacting with mediums.

Most importantly, Goodman discovered that the death of a loved one does not mean the end of a relationship. The connection shifts and the communication changes, but the relationship, she contends, remains and even deepens.

Goodman's story serves as an emotional road map out of the depths and dread of loss and onto the joy of certainty that love knows no physical boundaries; That love never leaves.

A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love
By Sandy Goodman
Jodere Group, March 2002
$17.95, Hardcover, Approx. 192 pages
ISBN: 1588720152

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