Maybe if I concentrate hard enough
I can go back in time
and on the night you left
I can walk down the street with you
and when we get to the turn
that leads to the other side
I can make you stop
before you go too far.


Sitting here under the stars,
wrapped in your afghan,
I search for signs of you.
A shooting star,
a breeze in the stillness,
a light drifting toward me.
As tears blind me,
I turn off the pain by going elsewhere,
somewhere before now.
When I return
there is a fleeting moment
when I look down the street
in the direction you last walked,
and instead of agony
I feel anticipation
as I wonder what time you'll return
and what you'll want to eat.


When the sun sits down on the mountains
and the clouds turn purple and pink
and golden rays
send fingers out to touch me,
I stop breathing
and inhale with my heart
because I know that along those glittering strands of light
lies my connection to you.

"What if..."

What if.....
we are only here
because we fell asleep
in another place
and this life is a dream?
What if this world
is the illusion
and that which we cannot see
is the reality?
What if our death
is only an awakening
from an altered state of conciousness?
Would we then long for sleep
or for death?

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