Poems from the Valley...

"Silent Cries"

There are times in my life
when my heart cries out so loud for you
That I cringe,
wondering what others might think and
Then I realize
That only I can hear the screams.
They are a part of me
like the blood rushing through my veins
and the breath leaving my lungs.


Losing you has taught me
That nothing is certain
And that in one split second
What we had assumed was the way things are
Never was.


What am I thankful for?
Pain? Sleepless nights?
Or maybe despair and desolation?
"Thankful?" you ask...
These feelings are my strength, my sustenance.
They are my light in a dark room,
My shelter in a hurricane,
And my parachute in a fall.
What else is there to connect
before and after?
What else to help me remember
to breathe?

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