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February, 2002
Issue #2
Sandy Goodman,Editor

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KRISTY'S STORY, Sandy Goodman

I received a phone call in the middle of January from a local woman who wanted to meet with me. She had recently viewed the Love Never Dies website and felt a need to talk. My first thought was that she was upset by my beliefs and wanted to save me from myself, and my second was that she wanted me to hook her up with John Edward, which I might add is NOT within my power. :)

However, Kristy turned out to be the sister of the mother of one of Joshua's (Jason's twin brother) friends. She came to my house on the last weekend of January and shared with me the following story.

Kristy's four and a half year old daughter died in 1992 in a horse riding accident. Within a year after her death, Kristy was divorced and had given custody of her younger daughter to her ex-husband. She began using drugs and continued to use for ten years. At our meeting, she had been clean for three and a half months.

Several weeks before we talked (I believe it was very close to Kristy's sobriety date), Kristy's mother had visited the LND site. She then urged Kristy to view it but Kristy felt the pain would be too much. She had managed to block her grief with drugs for ten years and was not strong enough to "go there" with someone else. However, by the middle of January, she felt compelled to read what it was I had written. Her mom "hooked her up" to the computer and Kristy read and cried her way through the entire site. When finished, she felt happiness for me, but also a horrible sadness at what had not happened for her. She felt she had lost every single memory of her daughter's life.

After thanking her mom, Kristy went outside to ponder her feelings. As she walked around the yard, she suddenly (for no known reason) stopped on the sidewalk, turned around, and looked down. While staring at her footprints (from the puddle she had walked through) she was suddenly assaulted with waves of emotion. There before her, along with her footprints, was "a vision" of her dead child, bending over as only four year olds can do, placing her tiny handprints alongside her mom's footprints.

Kristy was overwhelmed with the intensity of the moment. She rushed in to tell her mom what had happened and then called her best friend to share her joy. And the story doesn't end here.

After hearing Kristy's experience, her friend asked her if she remembered what she had received for Christmas from her other daughter, now 11. Kristy had to think a few minutes because every single year except this one had brought an angel figurine from the child. However, this year, she finally remembered, her daughter had given Kristy a tapestry which is now hanging above Kristy's bed. What's on the tapestry? Yep, you guessed it. The Footprints poem.

Kristy also shared with me the two plaques she has of her girls' handprints, once stored away, but now hanging on her wall. And she shared with me her gratitude for what she is calling a "life changing event." The timing of what led up to Kristy's visit to the LND website and the events that allowed her to once again open the door to her daughter's love are too numerous to dismiss as coincidence.

As Jason has said, "Expect miracles..."

THEN, Sandy Goodman

If I had seen
what I see now
when I was blinded by sorrow,
I would have surely not believed
and would have turned the other way
and so you hid it
from my view,
and waited for the moment when
I would feel
another's sadness
before I felt my own.

RESOURCES (Books, Links, etc.)

Book Picks:
Heart of the Soul, by Gary Zukav
Amazing Women and Amazing World, by Marsh Engles
(You can order all three at

Planet Light Worker magazine at
Afterlife Knowledge at


My book, "Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love", is on it's way to the stores. If your local bookstore doesn't have it by the first of March, PLEASE feel free to ask them when they will. If they do not plan to carry it, it is listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, my website, and several other online bookstores. The publisher is Jodere Group, Inc.


I will be speaking at the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco on April 29. Time TBA.


I did my first book signing event last week at a beautiful bookstore in San Diego, Bridgeway Books. I want to thank Beth, the store owner, for hosting the signing. Also thank you to Stacy, Mary, and Debbie of Jodere and Kat from the Ford Group for cheering me on (and giving me no choice...) When I finished, Kat had one small word of advice. Very gently she told me that during the twenty minute talk, I had forgotten to mention the book's name. Oops. :)


Plant some daffodils at your loved ones grave or in a special place that reminds you of them. You'll smile when they bloom and say "I love you" every spring.


New grief? Feeling a need to hug and hold onto something? Think about adopting a pet from your local shelter. Nothing helps with grief as much as giving love to another. And no one will listen to your hurt as intently as a pet.


Know someone who's grieving? Send them a "thinking of you" note OFTEN. Don't mistakenly assume that you will open an old wound and cause them to remember their loss. It's already the only thing on their mind.


I was remembering the other day and talking to Jason at the same time. I was explaining why it was so important to bereaved parents to know that their child won't reincarnate before they get to reunite with them on the other side. I said "We need to KNOW that we will SEE you again!" and I suddenly realized (thank you Jason) that I can't see Jason now because he is not physical. When I "reunite" with him, I still won't be able to "see" him because neither of us will be physical.

And so it goes. I will be reconnecting with his energy,his essence . . . and isn't that what I am doing right now?



Little memories are my gift to you.
They are not to cause you pain
But to sew velvet to your everyday moments.
I want you to know - -
I remember too.
One day-a short distance for me--
Seemingly endless for you--
You and I will reminisce together.
We are separated now by only a thin layer of time.
Yet, I find myself knowing you are with me,
And I with you.
Just close your eyes - and you'll know too.
Learn more - - live more - - find more - -
So that when I see you once again, my family-my friends,
With the mortal dust of my vision washed away
I will listen - - and then grow.
And then, I will share Heaven with you.
~Shanna C. Hugie
ŠAll Rights Reserved . . . 2001

I have also received a beautiful tribute from a reader to her daughter. Due to it's length and my desire to not shorten or edit such a beautiful piece, I have posted it on my website as an addition to the online version of this newsletter. Please take a look here

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