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I am very excited about our grief support community, Love Never Dies 4U. We have had a bit of a hiatus and we are now ready to begin re-membering. Once we have our ducks in a row, and all of us are ready to move forward, our priority will be to get the website up to speed, promote the USE of the chat room and forum, and to spread the word. We are intent upon making this LND4U not only different, but better. To do that, we are going to need your feedback, suggestions, requests, opinions, and most of all your presence. Please take a few minutes to visit us.

The LND Newsletter is no longer a newsletter. After a vote by our members (those who were signed up for the newsletter) I decided to send emails out whenever I come upon something I want to share. This may be something you or another member has sent me, or it may be something I have pondered, or it may be an orginial poem or writing. If you have something you'd like me to share with our group, please just send me an email. If it is appropriate and up to LND4U standards, I will get it out to our list.

If you have a support group, a bereavement workshop, or a conference you would like me to speak at, please email me. I love sharing and hearing about other's experiences.

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Love Never Dies 4U
is a new grief support community
with open minds and open hearts.
Please join us.

LoveNeverDies.net is maintained by Sandy Goodman, Riverton, Wyoming

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