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Sandy Goodman- Author

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In "Love Never Dies", Sandy Goodman lights a path of understanding through the darkness of loss. Her honesty and love will help anyone dealing with the pain of grief.
~John Edward, Host of John Edward Cross Country

When someone you love has died, there are few words that capture grief's intensity. Despair, anguish, and devastation come to mind but even these seem inadequate. I've heard it likened to suddenly having the unending shriek of jet engines in your head. It interferes with everything you think, do, or say. It won't go away. It incapacitates you.

When my 18 year old son died in 1996, I found an endless supply of information to assist me in the journey through what is believed to be the universal stages of grief. I found articles on "closure" and books about "moving on" but I found nothing that gave me permission to continue my relationship with my son. Everywhere I looked, death was an end to whatever existed before. I had no desire to stop being Jason's mother. I wanted to work my way through the grief, but I intended to come out on the other side with my connection to Jason still intact.

Some of the information on this site is based on my book - Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love, (Jodere Group, 2002). Some is new, some is old, some is mine, and some has been contributed by others. The site, as well as my book, offers another way to look at death . . . at loss . . . at life . . . and at love. Simply put, it offers hope.

Whether you are struggling with grief or simply searching for answers, Love Never Dies can move you in the right direction.

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